It’s hard to forget when a BBC reporter was attempting to do a live news report from his home and his two children barged in on him while his wife wasn’t paying attention.

Well, it happened again, this time on NFL Network.

As pro football insider Ian Rapoport talked about star football player Dez Bryant joining the New Orleans Saints, his son walked in on the live shot he was doing from a room inside his house.

And his colleagues got a good laugh out of it in the process.

As Rapoport revealed on Twitter after the comical snafu, he wrote that Jude was home sick from school.

A Twitter follower quipped that all the video needed was Rapoport’s wife barging into the shot and scrambling to collect their son.

To which Rapoport responded by saying:

Well, she’s in trouble taking him upstairs, so.

However, many of his followers praised the way the father of two handled the surprising situation:

Love that you owned it and brought him up there! Solid parenting my man!

Tremendous. The love you showed for your son far outweighs any embarrassment. From one Dad to another, that was special to watch. Hope he feels better.

I love that you picked him up and held him the rest of that spot. You’ve done a lot of breakdowns, but ones like this you will look back and treasure! Plus you put a smile on this fathers face.

Was a cool moment Rap. Had everyone acting like parents for a moment. Hope he gets feeling better soon bud. Take care and have a great day My dude. Lastly thanks for all your hard work.

Every parent out there understands how real this is.

Very cool to see someone embracing their kid, rather than shunning them for the on-camera appearance. Had to make his day off better.

Oh, the joys of being a working parent.

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Sports Reporter Praised for How He Handled Moment Son Walked in While on Live TV

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