Heartbroken viewers watched in horror during a scene on the latest episode of “This Is Us.” As flames spread through the house Jack shares with his wife, Rebecca, and their three children, his memories — one by one — went up in a puff of smoke.

According to Country Living, the culprit was the fictional family’s Crock-Pot, which their neighbor, George, gave them years ago— along with a warning:

“You gotta fiddle with the switch, but it works.”

Fans wiped away their tears, then rushed to their kitchens to unplug their Crock-Pots:

The scene caused viewers so much angst that the show’s writer and producer, Dan Fogelman, chimed in to calm their nerves:

Fans responded to his tweet:

Crock-Pot also issued a statement about the episode:

The statement read, in part:

Crock-Pot understands the concerns brought up by last night’s episode of ‘This Is Us,’ and we too are heartbroken by the latest development in Jack’s storyline. However, it is important that our consumers understand and have confidence that all Crock-Pot slow cookers exceed all internal testing protocols and all applicable industry safety standards and regulations as verified by independent third-party testing labs. For nearly 50 years with over 100 million Crock-Pots sold, we have never received any consumer complaints similar to the fictional events portrayed in last night’s episode. In fact, the safety and design of our product renders this type of event nearly impossible.

The company followed up by sympathizing with fans about Jack:

Crock-Pot heard from some loyal users:

Though Crock-Pot probably never expected to be defending its product to fans of a TV show, but the situation does raise appliance safety awareness in the end. So, maybe there’s a bright side for devastated fans after all.

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