For the last six months, former Spice Girl Melanie “Mel B” Brown has been knee-deep in a bitter divorce case. Both she and her husband, Stephen Belafonte, have lawyered up for the proceedings, but so far, it’s been anything but amicable.

Since they tied the knot in 2007, Brown and Belafonte brought a daughter into the world, who was raised alongside Brown’s other two children from previous relationships. But aside from a custody battle, they’re also embroiled in a nasty domestic abuse case.

Needless to say, things are getting ugly between them.

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In an April restraining order against Belafonte, which was filed one month after their divorce papers, Brown accused her husband of physically, verbally, and psychological abusing her, extorting her into extramarital sex acts, and holding the release of multiple sex tapes against her.

Although she was quickly granted the restraining order, Belafonte continues to deny all accusations against him, but Brown has remained intent on proving them to be true.

Unfortunately, however, it’s been alleged she’s attempted some dirty work in order to do so.

On Monday, TMZ reported Brown had been accused of intimidating a witness who was set to testify against her in court.

Those accusations have now led to a felony police investigation.

The woman who was allegedly intimidated, rapper Siya, was reportedly going to contest Brown’s claims that Belafonte physically abused her, in addition to telling the court Brown often abused illegal drugs and gave consent during threesomes.

According to TMZ, “sources connected to Mel B are calling BS on Siya’s allegation of witness intimidation.”

But now, another woman has been singled out, and she, too, is claiming Brown attempted to intimidate her.

According to the Daily Mail, a second woman — whose identity has been kept anonymous — was found to be intimidated by Brown. She reportedly engaged in sex acts with the couple, which were allegedly filmed.

According to reports, Brown attempted to contact her several times through third parties before reaching her over the phone. She allegedly told the woman, who’s reportedly a Swedish college student, to testify that Belafonte forced himself on her:

“She said, ‘Your sex tape is already out there and your name is already out there and you have to be in court in about two or three weeks and my lawyers can help you and I can pay for a trip.’ And I said I can’t because I’m going to school and I didn’t want to be involved with it. But she said, ‘No you have to, it’s like in the law, if the court is calling you you have to go there.'”

The Daily Mail reported the woman’s name was not on any witness list, nor was she reportedly in any of the videos (sex tape or otherwise) submitted to the court.

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However, Brown reportedly wanted her to testify. The woman told the Daily Mail:

“Mel was saying, ‘I know about the (sex) tape and I know about the sex act and that you were crying and saying no and I want you to be in court for that.’ She never actually said the words, but she was inferring that Stephen had raped me.”

Though she clarified that was not the case:

“No that never happened, Stephen has only ever been respectful.”

Before ending the call, Brown allegedly told her that her lawyers would be in touch, but the woman said she hasn’t heard from anyone since. She told the Daily Mail she was “shocked” and “scared,” so she immediately contacted Belafonte’s legal team, and that’s why they’re pushing for an additional probe into Brown’s alleged intimidation.

The woman proceeded to make further claims about Brown to the Daily Mail, including her drug use and involvement in extramarital sex acts, but Brown has maintained that Belafonte is in the wrong.

The reports of desperate actions keep circulating, but at this point, no formal charges have been filed against Brown.

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