A special needs high school student landed not just one, but two prom dates thanks to her mom.

Shannon Horner-Shepherd wanted her daughter, who suffers from both physical and developmental disabilities due to her chromosomal disorder, to still live the life of a typical high school student.

So when prom time came around this year in Port Dover, Ontario, she didn’t want her daughter, who has Partial Trisomy 13, to miss out.

Horner-Shepherd told Yahoo she came up with this bizarre plan to find Gabby Horner-Shepherd a prom date. Two weeks ago the mother decided to do “something crazy” because Gabby who is 21, needed a “special” man to escort her on her big night.

Shannon Horner-Shepherd/Facebook

She explained in a Facebook post:

I have spent 21 years trying to give Gabby a life that is as close to ‘normal’ as possible despite she is not what the world would see as ‘normal,’ but it is at times like this that her differences become apparent.

Horner-Shepherd continued:

It’s senior year and Gab is graduating high school which means it’s PROM TIME!! For most young adults this is a time of excitement and one last night for ‘living it up’ as a high school student and to create memories that last a lifetime.

The mom said her daughter had bought her dress, booked her nail appointment, figured out her hair-style, but needed to figure out her date situation.

That’s when Horner-Shepherd decided to create a Facebook video to make Gabby’s dreams come true.

Watch the video below:

Horner-Shepherd said nice men began to message her on Facebook about taking Gabby to prom and she selected two guys.

A Canadian student named Zack Bowman, 21, and Jeremy Renton, a local police officer who coaches special needs hockey, escorted the student to her senior prom and she danced all night long.

The mom told Yahoo:

“I am not a crier but that night, I ‘ugly cried.’ It was perfect. These guys mean so much to me.”

Bowman told the outlet:

“I respected Shannon and Gabby’s courage too much to ignore the post.”

While Renton, 30, said:

“There’s no way I would let this girl go to prom alone. I asked Shannon if I could come too.”

According to the National Center for Advancing Translational Sciences (NCATS), people suffering from Trisomy 13 have cognitive and physical challenges that require extra support and additional services.

Gabby’s mom was overwhelmed by the interested men who started messaging the family.

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