Dino repair

Some toys are so special they can’t be replaced. Which leaves parents in a bind when a favorite toy breaks.

As First Coast News reports, Florida mom Niah Negron found herself in a predicament when an accident befell “Dino Baby,” her 3-year-old son Jordan’s favorite toy.

As Niah wrote on Facebook, Jordan and his Fingerling dinosaur are inseparable: “It goes everywhere with him and stays in his hand or tucked in his shirt (like a baby carrier) at all times.”

A huge thank you to two of the most caring and efficient women I’ve ever experienced in customer service!! “Stephanie”…

Posted by Niah Kouvatsos Negrón on Wednesday, February 20, 2019

If they go somewhere without the dinosaur, Jordan wants to go home to get it. So when the dino broke, so did little Jordan’s world. Niah told “Good Morning America”:

“The dinosaur was his Christmas present this past year. He tells everyone that it’s his baby. He spent the whole morning sitting there holding his dinosaur with a broken head with the saddest look on his face.”

Wanting to cheer her son up, Niah found the same dinosaur in stock at a Jacksonville Best Buy. But that left her with a problem. The mom knew that her son wouldn’t accept a simple swap of a broken toy for a new one. She wrote:

[T]o this little three year old boy replacing his “baby” would not be acceptable. This had to be the same toy, fixed.

Nervous about what the staff at the Best Buy would say — and how her son would react — Niah hatched a plan and hoped for the best. She entered the store with Jordan beside her and headed for the pick-up desk to get the dinosaur she ordered.

Posted by Niah Kouvatsos Negrón on Wednesday, February 20, 2019

Holding up her phone with her order confirmation, Niah told the employee at the desk, “We are here for a very delicate matter. You see, we need to see the dinosaur doctor, as the head has broken on our baby dinosaur!”

As Niah showed her the order, Jordan explained the seriousness of his dino’s injury to the “doctor” behind the counter.

Fortunately, the Best Buy employee caught on immediately. Tina called over her co-worker, Stephanie, and explained about the injured dinosaur that had just arrived. Niah wrote:

Without missing a beat, they “took the broken dinosaur to surgery!” They explained every step they were doing in surgery since it was all happening outside of his vision. (In reality they were discreetly verifying my order, and opening up the new replacement dinosaur for us and disposing of the old broken one without my little guy ever being the wiser.)

While Jordan waited, the two staffers kept him updated on the patient’s progress:

“Just a few more stitches,” they explained, as little man was anxiously awaiting his “fixed” baby.

Once the “surgery” was complete, the employees handed over the new dinosaur.

Posted by Niah Kouvatsos Negrón on Wednesday, February 20, 2019

Tina told the Best Buy blog that she didn’t think much about it until she saw Jordan’s reaction:

“[W]hen he saw the dinosaur his whole demeanor changed — his face lit up so much. We made that little boy’s day.”

They didn’t just make Jordan’s day. They made his mom’s day as well. Niah thanked them on Facebook, noting that the Best Buy staff could have just handed over a replacement and sent them on their way:

I am forever grateful to these two women who went above and beyond to be the best dinosaur doctors ever, and all to keep one little boy who they had never met, and will likely never see again, happy.

Niah says her son now thinks of Best Buy as a place for dinosaur doctors. And one of the employees who helped with the surgery is making sure Jordan can rely on them.

“Stephanie noticed there was only one more in the store so she has it as emergency backup just for us,” Niah said to Good Morning America. “She couldn’t bear the thought of Jordan having to go without it.”

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