Every year, Ridgway, Pennsylvania, holds the annual Fireman’s Carnival in the heart of their downtown.

The carnival has everything one might expect from a small town carnival — greasy food, questionable rides, and games designed to take your money, but never give you anything back in return.

Ridgway Firemen's CelebrationJuly 13th-July 18thMonday- Visit the firemen's grounds for their great food and be…

Posted by Mega Rock on Thursday, July 9, 2015

While attending the carnival with his uncle, a boy named Owen had a stroke of luck. He tried his hand at the game where the player tosses rings at a table full of opened pocket knives.

Owen’s mom, Mandy, explained to Dearly:

“He collects knives, so he plays the game [where] you toss rings and try to make them onto knives and if you do you win it. He’s very good at it, and my grandpa puts them in a locked safe for him and will give him them when he is older.”

Owen had his eye on a pink pocket knife; the 12-year-old knew it would be the perfect gift to surprise his mom.

Mandy said his desire for the knife started when he asked her about her pocket knife:

“He decided to play for that pink one because I had a tiny pocket knife he gave me in my purse and said, ‘What do you have it for?’ I just forgot and never took it out, so I said, ‘I keep it for protection since I clean offices all over the county alone late at night.'”

Owen, being the oldest of four, got very protective of his mom and made it his mission to get her the bigger knife.

Posted by Mandy McClelland on Sunday, July 23, 2017

Mandy continued:

“He said, ‘Well mom, what do you think that will do to someone if they attack you? By the time you dig it out, the attacker will be gone with your purse and knife still in it.’ He spent half his birthday money this year winning me the bigger pink knife.”

Owen was “so excited” to give it to her.

And while Mandy thought it was incredibly sweet that her son thought of her when picking the prize, she got a bit of a surprise when she flipped the blade open four days later:

Owen brought this home for me as a surprise from the carnival. Just noticed what it says…perfect and he didn't even know it. lol

Posted by Mandy McClelland on Wednesday, July 26, 2017

She wrote:

Owen brought this home for me as a surprise from the carnival. Just noticed what it says…perfect and he didn’t even know it.

If you couldn’t tell, here’s a closer look at the blade of the pocket knife:


Because Owen isn’t allowed to handle knives without proper supervision, he had no idea that he was sending his mom quite the message. Mandy told Dearly that when she finally opened it, she “laughed so hard.”

Kids, even when they are just trying to be sweet, are hysterical.

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