Taylor Burkhalter’s mom has 29 friends on Instagram and she’ll do whatever it takes to get the perfect shot for her holiday photo to each and every one.

Burkhalter knows this firsthand.

He posted a photo on Twitter of his mom laying down in the middle of the living room floor to make “snow angels” for her followers.


Better yet, Burkhalter caught a shot of his dad forced into being the cameraman for his mom’s antics.

As equally impressive as Burkhalter’s mom’s dedication to getting the perfect holiday photo was his dad’s devotion to the cause.



Many people thought the husband’s willingness to help his wife get the photo she wanted — including rearranging the furniture in the living room — was love at its best:

And even inspired a few New Year’s resolutions:

As Burkhalter captioned his photo: “I’ve learned more about love from watching my dad reluctantly rearrange the living room so my mom can make snow angel boomerangs for her 29 Instagram followers than anything else in life.”

As for his mom’s perfect holiday photo, it all worked out thanks to dad.

And as for posting it on Instagram for friends to see, Burkhalter’s mom had 29 friends; now, her message of good tidings reaches more than 12,000 followers.

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