Just days after learning the good news that his wife was expecting their first child together, Army Specialist Chris Harris was killed while serving in Afghanistan. 

The 25-year-old, known for his piercing blue eyes, had just tied the knot to wife Britt Harris a few months prior to his death in August 2017, according to WDTV

It was a devastating blow for the North Carolina mom-to-be, but she had support from an unexpected source — the soldiers who served alongside her late husband. 

As the baby grew, his unit celebrated important milestones along the way.

They even had a gender reveal party and exploded with excitement when they learned it was a baby girl.

And when baby Christian Michelle Harris was born on March 17, his until traveled to Jackson Springs to meet her and celebrate, AOL reports.

Sgt. Nathan Arthur Bagley told WDTV:

“Knowing that we could come home to a baby girl, that was awesome. When everyone came home, that was the day she was born so that made it ten times better.”

Harris organized a photoshoot with Pinehurst Photography to capture some special moments between her new bundle of joy and the soldiers, who have become her secondary family. 

The images have since gone viral online, but the mother said it’s all just part of remembering her husband. Harris said

“Everything I do, I do it to preserve Chris’ memory and to show Christian how special she is. I’m just the only one that can speak for them both right now. I do everything I can to make sure they both get the recognition they deserve. Him for sacrificing his life for his country and her for being the legacy of a hero.”

Her little girl bears a striking resemblance to her late husband, but she said there’s one feature that’s her favorite:

“It’s refreshing to see those blue eyes again.”


Christian’s great big family ❤️

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Sue Kolean, the late soldier’s mother, said it was a powerful moment seeing baby Christian for the first time. She explained to WDTV:

“When she was born, it was like I was looking at my own son.”

The family has since started a “Love Fund” for baby Christian on GoFundMe. Harris plans to use the money to better her little one’s future.

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