For model and singer Christina Sanchez, being a parent has been the most important aspect of her life since her daughter’s birth. However, she only wishes the same could be said about her child’s father, Mets player José Reyes.

Reyes and Sanchez were together for two years in the 2000s. But in 2008, Sanchez discovered through a New York Post article that Reyes had married another woman.

One month later, Sanchez learned that she was pregnant. Sanchez’s attorney, Steven Gildin, told Page Six:

“Christina found out she was pregnant, and [Reyes] screamed and demanded she keep the child a secret.”

Sanchez reportedly did keep their daughter a secret, and Reyes provided “a small amount” of child support. In fact, according to Page Six, he even bought them a home in South Jersey.

But in 2015, Reyes’s wife, Katherine, with whom he now shares three daughters, found out about his secret family and allegedly demanded he cut off all contact.

In 2016, Sanchez reportedly “blasted” the now-absent father on Twitter, writing:

“You’re a worthless piece of s ** t father to our child . . . Liyah just asked about you again & I had to explain to her that it’s a cruel world we live in. You are a cruel man!!!”

Gildin explained to Page Six:

“All Christina wants is for José to be a dad to their daughter. She has been pleading with José to be in touch. The child misses her father. She can only see him by watching him play baseball on TV.”

Page Six noted that Reyes makes an estimated $30 million per year playing for the Mets. Gildin told the publication in March that if Reyes, who openly admits the girl is his own, fails to offer up the due child support and begin fathering their child, Sanchez is prepared to sue for $5 million a year.

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Reyes’s attorney, Eric S. Solotoff, told Page Six:

“We … are confident that when all of the evidence comes out, it will show that our client has more than met his obligations. It is unfortunate that the other side has chosen to deal with this in this manner.”

However, Sanchez wasn’t bluffing. The scorned mother took Reyes to court in Nassau County, New York, over child support but was soon kicked out of the courtroom.

According to her attorney, she burst into hysterics while addressing Reyes’s legal team:

“Christina had an emotional outburst in court. She raised her voice at Reyes’ attorney, saying of his client, ‘He’s a terrible father. He abandoned our child. He refuses to talk to her or see her.’ Christina was crying hysterically.”

Although Reyes was not present, Sanchez was reportedly thrown out by the judge and instructed to not return.

Her attorney told Page Six:

“All Christina wants is for him to be a father to their daughter and be part of the girl’s life. It’s hard for her to explain to this poor little girl why her daddy won’t see her or talk to her.”

Reyes has been court-ordered to pay $11,500 per month in temporary child support, according to reports, but Sanchez is looking to increase that amount threefold.

The next hearing is August 7, and it’s clear that both parties are not backing down about both child support and their parenting responsibilities.

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