“Jersey Shore” star Nicole “Snooki” Polizzi is pretty familiar with the unfair practice of mom-shaming but when fans posted a mean comment about her son’s appearance online it wasn’t easy to let it roll off her back this time.

On Friday, the MTV personality shared a proud mommy moment on Instagram that was followed by ridicule.

As reported by Us Weekly,  Snooki bashed some commenters who made hurtful statements about her son’s appearance and called out the mom of three for her parenting.

After an emotional performance at Lorenzo’s school, Snooki captioned a picture of the 6-year-old wearing a t-shirt, shorts, and sneakers and wrote:

My first offspring just sang his heart out #proudmawma.

Following the post some fans wrote in the comment section:

Do you have that lil boy wearing sketchers and you got a Gucci hat on SMH?

Another person slammed the mom of three of flaunting designer clothes while her son wore a budget-friendly option. They said:

I was just gonna day why does her son look like that and she’s always rocking nice name brand gear? Some parents’ priorities.

Just weeks after giving birth, the reality star took to her Instagram to shut down the mom shamers.

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Mawma & her new cub ?? #mawmaof3

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Snooki responded writing:

Really? So my parent priorities for you is that my kid isn’t wearing name brand clothes because I have a Gucci hat on? That defines me as a parent? You’re an idiot.

Several parents came to the 31-year-old’s defense over the rude online remarks by pointing out the fact that it doesn’t make sense for families to buy kids expensive clothes that they’ll just grow out of. Some fans wrote:

I’d much rather see a celeb letting her kid be just that, a KID!! Then decked out in clothes that cost more then some people make in a month! Get off her back and let her parent HER kids.

Another person said:

Why would you buy your 5-6 year old son brand name items when they will just grow out of it. They’re kids. They don’t take care of things.

What do you think of the comments?

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