A mother shared with her Netmums parenting forum that she was truly shocked and upset when she saw a heavily pregnant woman smoking in the park.

However, she was met with backlash when she revealed she wanted to confront the stranger about her smoking habit.

On July 23, Danielle S. wrote that she was irritated by a woman with three kids smoking near a fountain around other children, but she got really mad when she noticed the woman’s baby bump. 

Not only was the woman pregnant, but Danielle estimates she was at least six to eight months along. Yet she was dragging on a cigarette — two within 10 minutes — and the incident left the user “disturbed.” 


Danielle wrote: 

I could not stop looking over at her she had two cigarettes in the 10 minutes we were there which she opening smoked and did not care.

I am a smoker but will never smoke in my house or around my children they do not know that I smoke and each to there own but I don’t think our poor life choices should be impacted on a child who doesn’t have a choice to not be around it!! 

Concerned about the health of the unborn child, and the small children inhaling the smoke around the mother, Danielle, a smoker herself, said she regrets not approaching the mom about her smoking. She explained:

I really did not no what to do I wish I had said something […]

It has really disturbed me and I keep thinking about it maybe some of you might not think its a big deal but whilst carrying a baby I do not think you should be smoking!! 

What do you think I should of done if anything ??????

Danielle ended the post by asking others users about the dilemma, and her post sparked a heated discussion.

Some users said it’s not up to Danielle to confront the stranger. Commenters wrote:

Pot calling the kettle black

[Absolutely] nothing. You should just mind your own business.

Would she still smoke if you’d confronted her? Yes. At the end of the day people will do what they want to do, maybe she’s desperately trying to quit? Maybe she was having a bad day? You don’t know.  

However, other users were just as angry as Danielle.

Some thought she shouldn’t turn a blind eye to the woman’s health hazard— for the sake of the baby. Commenters wrote: 

Well I think this is the problem people just say its not anyone else business but smoking when pregnant can harm a baby I don’t think it should just be allowed and everyone turns a blind eye!!

I say something. It’s vile. Anyone who cuts off their baby’s oxygen supply off several times a day and increases the risk of stillbirth, breathing problems etc. doesn’t deserve to be blessed with a baby.

I understand it’s not nice to judge people and mums judging other mums isn’t great but come on are we really saying a mum should be let off the hook for smoking whilst pregnant?

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), smoking while pregnant can lead to a number of health risks including premature birth, birth defects, and infant death.

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