A New Yorker said he saved thousands of dollars thanks to a sixth grader, who left an insightful note about the bus that hit his car.

As Good News Network reports, Andrew Sipowecz, a baseball player in his senior year at Canisius College, took a picture of his dented 2012 Ford Mustang and the anonymous note before sharing it on Twitter.

He tweeted:

Shoutout to the anonymous sixth grader for saving me a couple thousand (Bus not drawn to scale)

The note detailed the incident. It explained how the driver of Buffalo Public School “Bus: 449” hit Sipowicz’ car while “trying to pull off” and making a dent when trying to “squeeze” through. The student indicated that the bus drops her off at that stop every day around 5 p.m. It even included an illustration of the bus at the bottom of the page.

The post received over a million likes and over 260,000 retweets. Sipowicz recently followed up saying they have identified the Houghton Academy good Samaritan and are planning to reward her for her honest actions.

As Newsner reports, a Houghton Academy teacher took to Twitter to share how he rewarded the student for her bravery.

He said:

Proud teacher moment. One of my students wasn’t afraid to be a ‘snitch’ and did the good deed. NO THANKSGIVING HOMEWORK!

According to Good News Network, Sipowicz has started the insurance process with the school bus company, who will be footing the bills for the repairs to his Mustang and his rental car until the repairs are completed.

There has been no word on the status of the bus driver involved.

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