Shortly after Peggy Mitchell placed her granddaughter on the school bus early Monday morning, she got a startling call from Flat Shoals Elementary saying someone else brought the 6-year-old to school.

Mitchell told WAGA-TV that school officials said a teacher driving to the Decatur, Georgia, public school spotted Khloe walking alone along a busy road that morning.

Mitchell said:

“She called and she asked ‘How did she get to school?’ and I told her ‘On the school bus. I placed her on the school bus myself.’ And she said ‘I’m sorry somebody just walked her into the school.'”

The little girl fell asleep on her school bus and never got off. She woke up alone in a McDonald’s parking lot after the bus driver failed to check the vehicle for any remaining students once arriving at the elementary school.


Mitchell said:

“She found her wandering around on Candler Road by Bank of America and Title Max across from South DeKalb Mall.”

The bus driver responsible didn’t realize that Khloe was still on board.

Mitchell added:

“I was devastated. She could’ve been killed or kidnapped. She’s 6 years old. We need to take better care of our kids.”

The DeKalb County School District employee was removed from their job following the unfortunate incident. The school district told the station it is investigating the incident.


In a statement, a spokesman told the station:

The district will strongly reemphasize to our drivers our expectations for student safety, as well as the penalties for failing to meet that standard.

Mitchell is thankful that her granddaughter is safe.

As Dearly reported, students keep getting left behind on school buses, and outraged families are demanding answers.

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3 Replies to “Teacher Spots 6-Year-Old Wandering Along Busy Road on Her Way to School. Her Bus Driver Left Her on the Bus”

  • Gail Crane 2 years ago

    How long does it take – and how much energy – to walk to the back of the bus and look at each seat before stopping for breakfast? There are words, but……!!!!!!!! That driver should be SO GLAD that this was not my child or grandchild.

  • Ginger 2 years ago

    Thank You Lord Jesus she was picked up by a responsible teacher! It could have been a much different story but thank God she is safe & with her family!

  • valentine schindler 1 year ago

    its sad that we cant even put are children on a school bus figuring they would be safe and get to where they are intended to go. there is just to many accident of kids being left behind because of not double checking. it doesnt take that long to just walk down the bus and make sure there is no kids left. plus wouldnt they know who got on and off the bus if they were paying attention. i am scared to put my kids on the bus. that is there way to get to school though. i remember when i was little i was forgotten on the bus because i fell asleep. please keep better attention on our children they are in your care and us parents are counting on yous to get them where they aee going safe. i am glad that little girl is safe. god bless.

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