Fitness guru and mother of two Sarah Stage gained a viral following on Instagram during her pregnancies, all because she managed to maintain her fit physique, as Dearly previously reported.

Stage was dubbed “six-pack mom” after she gained just 18 pounds during her second pregnancy.

But now, the wife and model is getting slammed for how she decided to share some heartbreaking news about her family.

Sarah Stage/Instagram

According to E! News, Stage took to Instagram to share the news that her oldest son was attacked by a dog recently.

She said the dog lunged at the child and latched onto his face. Alongside a selfie, the model wrote:

Gosh this might be the hardest week I’ve had as a mom so far! Poor Jamesy got attacked in the face by a dog (the dog was triggered by James eating a snack and started to aggressively bite his face).

I was able to pry the dog off of James before the dog got to James eye.

To make matters worse, she said that her children were suffering from the flu and a cold.

Many Instagram users sent their well-wishes to the mother of two and her kids, but some were confused about why she shared the scary news with a photo of herself in workout gear.

Sarah Stage/Instagram

One commenter pointed out that they thought it might inappropriate to drop bad news alongside a very posed photo. They wrote:

Not to be a jerk but what does a selfie of you have to do with a tragic event in your son’s life? The post and the pic really don’t go together here.

Another user agreed and wrote:

“That’s what I was thinking, what does that post have to do with her selfie!?!? And does that women own even one full length shirt.”

It’s unclear how badly James was hurt, but others said that it was “very odd” of her to think of a selfie after her son was attacked.

Luckily, it seems the boy didn’t receive any lasting damage from the bite, though the mother of two hasn’t posted an update on her son’s condition.

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