A 6-year-old girl made an unexpected decision that turned things around for one of her classmates, and her kindergarten teacher was pleasantly surprised.

Last May, Mrs. Petree wrote about a student who left her astonished by her act of compassion towards a little boy. She told Peyton’s parents she was blown away by:

“The most heartwarming act of kindness.”

Peyton’s big sister shared the message on Twitter, and people praised the little girl for changing someone’s life at such a young age.

When Mrs. Petree rewarded the 6-year-old for her improvement in class, she was given the choice to sit with any friend at lunch. But instead of choosing a close buddy, Peyton chose to sit with a boy who never gets picked for anything.

A note, written on watermelon stationery, explained to Peyton’s parents why she was so proud of their daughter. It reads:

I thought for sure I knew who she would pick, but she surprised me when she smiled and picked a little boy who never gets picked for anything. It made his day!

She continued:

Since that day other children started to pick him for things and he is a completely different child because of it.

All because of your daughter.

Mrs. Petree thanked the little girl’s parents for teaching her kindness at home.

She wrote:

Kids learn to be kind by how they see kindness at home.

Peyton’s sister was so moved by the 6-year-old’s actions, she also cried reading the note—and so did many others on Twitter.

Mrs. Petree said the heartfelt moment reminded her of why she loves teaching kindergarten.

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3 Replies to “Big Sister Cries After Learning Younger Sibling Single-Handedly Changed How Her Class Treated a Classmate”

  • Alexa Mullings 2 years ago

    Those are my girls! This momma is so lucky and proud of them both.

    • Anonymous 2 years ago

      You are one of the BEST moms I know! You are amazing and you teach from the heart and it shows! Keep being the awesome woman I always knew you were.

  • Kathleen Golden 2 years ago

    What a beautiful little girl!!I know from personal experience how that little boy felt.I have a son with special needs and we feared how he would be treated.All the kids were so awesome he blossomed.Thank you to her wonderful family for showing her how to love!!!??

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