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Love is Love: Here Are Five Ways Single Parents Can Celebrate Valentine’s Day With Their Kids

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For many, Valentine’s Day equals romance and if there’s no romance, there’s no celebration. But love comes in many forms and what better love to celebrate than that between a parent and a child. Here are a few exciting ways single parents can celebrate a day of love with their children.

DIY Photoshoot:

Some of the greatest moments are captured with photos, so no matter your child’s age, a DIY photoshoot can be a lot of fun. All you need is a phone and tripod to turn any setting into your studio. You can stay home, visit a local tourist attraction, or add some extra sentimental value by choosing somewhere special to your family.

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If you’re feeling crafty, grab some art supplies like colored paper and popsicle sticks make props and/or the background for the shoot together. Once you’ve found the perfect setting and selected your props, set the timer on your phone, throw up your roses, and say “Cheese!”

 Love Letter Deliveries:

Sit down with your child or children and have them make a list of everyone they love. After the list is complete, select those who live the closest to make personal Valentine’s Day Card’s for. Make the cards together by hand or on the computer using fun images.

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Once you’ve finished making cards, play mail man, and drop the letters off to the recipients’ mail boxes with some chocolates or their favorite candy. This is a fun way to spread love to others while spending quality time with your little one.

“I Heart Single Parenting” Party:

If you tend to feel lonely during Valentine’s Day, throw a party!

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Decorate your home in hearts and roses and invite other single parents and their children over for some comfort and sweet treats. To make things easier on your pockets, do it potluck style! Tell other parents to bring their favorite dish and enjoy dinner together as one big family. After dinner, allow the parents to take turns sharing why they love being a parent and let the children share why they love their mom or dad. Continue the party dancing the night away, playing board games, and mingling.

Stay-At-Home Spa Day: 

Another love worth celebrating is the love you have for yourself. What better way to teach your kid about self love than with a spa day? Purchase your favorite self care products and those safe for your child for the perfect self care session. Your kid(s) may love watching colorful bath bombs fizz in the tub as you watch and indulge in a glass of wine or another “grown up drink.”

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After a nice bath, have your kid(s) help you make a DIY face mask, using things in your home like honey, sugar, and lemon juice. Help each other put on his or her mask and enjoy some heart shaped cookies and candy.  While letting your face mask do its thing, discuss the meaning of self love. Finish the night off with manis and pedis as you watch your favorite family movies.


Add a twist to your Valentine’s Day dinner by trying to make everything heart shaped.

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This is a great activity for parents who have older children who love social media. Grab all of your dinner ingredients and hop on Instagram live or take pictures as you both attempt to make heart shaped dishes. Try making heart shaped pizza, meat balls, or sushi. This is the perfect way to engage with things your child likes and get that quality time in as well. Don’t forget to hashtag the photos of your food when you’re done! #HeartShapedDinnerChallenge

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