Julianna Klepfer is a single mom of seven children through adoption and foster care. She took to Love What Matters to voice her concerns about her journey on finding love.

Fear entered this worried mom’s heart after a terrible break-up two years ago. As a result, she made an online dating profile. In her bio, she states that she is an adoptive mom of four and a foster mom to three. 

Klepfer stated that with seven children, finding a life partner feels “impossible.”

She explained on Love What Matters:

I am upfront in saying I need a man who can handle the package deal. I am looking for a husband and father. My days are full, time is limited and most days I have snot somewhere on my clothing.

Klepfer mentioned that a family member made a comment about her love life:

Early in my journey of motherhood a well meaning relative made the comment, ‘Well, you’re certainly not making yourself more attractive to men by doing this.’

She whole-heartedly disagreed with her family member’s statement saying, “For the wrong men I may be less attractive, but to the right man I am just right.”

Klepfer’s children have been exposed to trauma — primarily “at the hands of men” — and their daily routine focuses on healing. Being a single mom helps in that healing process but at the same time, she is looking for a partner who is a “healthy father figure”:

I would be lying if I didn’t say that my heart aches for a partner and I have a deep longing for my kids to experience a healthy father figure.

She said some days they discuss a “someday dad,” and that helps in the healing process. But Klepfer explained that she is also afraid of being hurt by that “someday dad”:  

If I can be a little honest, I am scared of him too. Scared for how it will affect our beautiful ecosystem and change our unique family. I worry that no one will ever love them as much as I do.

Some days, Klepfer worries that when she pays for a sitter, she is going to risk wasting that time on a bad date.

But through the ups and downs of dating, her children have made her brave. She explained:

I have watched these past 4+ years as they have pressed in and healed. So this is my act of pressing in, the vulnerability of writing these words in a effort to declare that I will not shy away from even this. Dating for our family means new healing, but also change.

She and her seven children are not giving up hope that one day soon she will find love and they will be able to have a father figure in their life.

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