Mother of two Laura Corrigan had her hands full caring for her young son and 9-month-old baby last year when she got devastating news about her health.

According to the Daily Mail, the British mom had gastrointestinal issues, and doctors initially thought she was suffering from irritable bowel syndrome.

But further tests confirmed one of Laura’s worst fears — cancer.


The single mother of two was diagnosed with bowel cancer and started to undergo radiation and chemotherapy treatments in order to shrink then remove the cancer, according to her blog Cancer, Milk, & Rainbows.

But the treatments often leave her exhausted, making it difficult to keep up with her two sons. The Daily Mail reports the mother told the Mirror:

“[My youngest] charges about from 5am, it’s exhausting. I occasionally fall asleep on the sofa… when I stop, I fall asleep.”

But she never lets the fatigue stop her from looking after her kids, even though sometimes she can’t even make it through play time.

She posted the heartbreaking image of one of those occasions to her Instagram page.


She said that her young son took the photo after she conked out in the middle of their play session. The mom told the Mirror:

“My son took the picture. It was complete exhaustion. That was when I was having radiotherapy and chemotherapy.”

The mom is still undergoing chemotherapy and wrote on her blog that the cancer had spread to her lungs, making her future seem “uncertain.”


She wrote:

The last few months, since the scans in September that confirmed the lung metastases had grown, I have been panicked by this idea of there being no end in sight, or not one I am happy with or willing to accept anyway.

But still, she hopes that sharing her story with the public will help inspire others in similar situations.

According to the Mirror, Laura said she’s “amazed” every day by the support she gets from strangers across the world due to her inspirational story.

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