Nikkie Schwemmer has been having a difficult time lately. However, if you ask her how her year has been, she’ll tell you it’s, “good.” That positive attitude is why Schwemmer’s friends and co-workers think she deserved something special this Christmas.

As Inside Edition reports, Schwemmer is a single mom from Idaho who works hard to support her three children. But things haven’t been going well for her lately. The house needs a few repairs, the roof is leaky, and the toilet keeps flooding.

And to make matters worse, Schwemmer’s car — already on its last legs — finally died. The mom had to borrow her parents’ vehicle just so she could get to work.

That’s why East Idaho News decided to help Schwemmer through their Secret Santa program. Speaking to the mom’s friends and co-workers, they learned about how highly she is regarded … and about the challenges she’s facing.

Under the circumstances, they decided the best thing they could do was give Schwemmer a new car for Christmas.

The Secret Santa crew surprised the mom at her home and presented her with a key to a new Subaru and a check to cover registration fees and other costs.

When she learned that she was the proud owner of a new car, Schwemmer could barely speak. She covered her mouth, said, “Oh my gosh,” over and over, and had to stop to hug everyone there — even the cameraman.

The tearful and overwhelmed mom told her Secret Santa, “That was my dream car. It’s the perfect color.”

Later, Schwemmer’s friend wrote to the East Idaho News team to explain why the car they picked out was the perfect choice for this family:

Thank you soooo much for helping my friend with a car. She has always wanted a Subaru and a blue car on top of that. Their family’s favorite show is “Psych,” which has a “blueberry” car in it. They all have always wanted a blue car to name it blueberry. […] She has called me multiple times today in tears because she has a car that’s hers and works.

Schwemmer’s children were also thrilled when they saw the new car. Her daughter even got to be the first to use its new nickname, saying, “It’s a blueberry!” before running to look in the windows.

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