Paul Anka, 76, shot to stardom in the late 1950s with his singing skills, winning millions of hearts with his hit songs such as “Diana” and “Lonely Boy.”

But now, the singer is in a fierce custody battle with ex-wife Anna Aberg, the 46-year-old former Miss Sweden. The two married in 2008, but filed for divorce just a short time later in 2010.

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According earlier reports, the singer won full custody of his 11-year-old son, Ethan, in a sweeping ruling in early July that blocked his ex-wife from seeing the child at all without Anka’s permission.

Anka said that his son had an “intense dislike of his mother,” whom the child hadn’t seen in nearly two years.

The singer told Page Six:

“It’s the greatest day of my life. This was all about protecting Ethan. The system has worked.”

According to the Daily Mail, Aberg had lost custody of her 14-year-old daughter just months before, over what she called “false allegations” that she was “almost arrested” for screaming at her.

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Aberg said that lies and attacks on her character started to spread shortly after her ex-husband asked for full custody of her son in January of 2015. Aberg said:

“The false allegations started pouring in one after the other. The court never found me guilty of any of them, and still I lost custody of my son.”

A lawyer for the mom told Page Six that she only lost her son because Anka was able to “out-lawyer a woman who doesn’t have the finances or the celebrity to combat him.”

Anka is responsible for writing Frank Sinatra’s hit song, “My Way” and reportedly earns roughly $300,000 a month.

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Now the model-turned-mom is fighting back against the custody agreement. She says that she has “the right” to see her son even though Anka has turned him against her.

She told the New York Daily News that the ruling was “unconstitutional”:

“It’s horrific. There’s no justice as to why I don’t get to see my son. It’s a pretty sad thing.”

The Ventura County, California, judge who issued the ruling said that the mother’s relationship with her son was “doomed to failure,” and handed over full custody to the boy’s powerful father.


Now Aberg is heartbroken. She said:

“The judge basically said, ‘I’m just going to let Paul Anka decide.’ That’s unconstitutional. I have a right. Even if I was a murderer, I should still get to see my kid with supervised visitation.”

She has now filed an appeal of the ruling in an attempt to see her little boy once again.

And Anka isn’t too happy about it, telling The Globe and Mail:

“Narcissists never quit, and that’s what’s going on here. Anna is a sore loser. She has nothing but time and has no caring for her children.”

It’s currently unclear when the mother will be able to see her son again, but Anka doesn’t look like he’s prepared to give up the fight to keep her away any time soon.

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