Olympic gymnast Simone Biles is nothing less than extraordinary.

Born to a woman with an alcohol and substance addiction, Biles was adopted out of foster care at the age of six years old.

She was adopted by her grandfather and his wife, who she now calls mom and dad.

Later, and after years of hard work, Biles became the best and most decorated gymnast in the world. And she has maintained that status over the last few years.

At the age of 15, years before she would compete in her first Olympic games, Biles performed a double half layout, complete with a full twist during her floor routine at a world competition.

As Huffington Post reports, it was the first time anyone had performed that trick on that type of stage, and in 2013, that signature move became known as “The Biles.”

Fast forward to 2018,  the world-class gymnast is making history again.

Two years after winning five Olympic medals, Biles competed in the 2018 World Championships for the United States.

At that competition, Biles performed a vault that, again, no one has ever done:

According to Slate, the vault consists of a roundoff entry with a half-twist onto the table, and then a front double full somersault before landing.

Not to mention, Biles performed the new vault while passing a kidney stone, according to USA Today:

“(The doctor) was like, `We see a stone.’ You’re telling me I have a KIDNEY STONE? He’s like ‘yes,’” said Biles, who has dubbed her kidney stone “The Doha Pearl” because it’s so big.

“I’m like, ‘OK, cool. So can I leave?’ … She’s like ‘no, you might stay here.’ Sorry, I have to go compete, so I’m leaving. Thanks for letting me know I have a kidney stone. I’ll deal with the pain later!”

Twenty-four hours after winning the World Championships, Biles had the trick named after her.

Here is “The Biles” again in slow motion:

According to USA Today, national team coordinator Tom Forster said of the 21-year-old’s performance at the World Championships:

“She’s Simone. You’d expect the same out of a Michael Jordan or a Tiger Woods, and that’s who she is in our sport. And she showed it.”

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Simone Biles Now Has a Second Trick Named After Her. It’s Something No One Has Ever Done Before

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