Could it be possible that one of the best gymnasts in the world is getting better?

Well, based on Simone Biles’ performance at the United States Gymnastics Championships over the weekend, the answer is yes. While competing in Kansas City, Missouri for her sixth U.S. all-around gold medal, and her 20th overall, Biles put on not just one, but two history-making performances.

The first of the two came on Saturday, August 10, when the 22-year-old superstar competed on the balance beam. Her routine lasted nearly one minute, 20 seconds but the move that sent her into the history books, yet again, happened at the very end.

To dismount off the apparatus, Biles attempted a double-double, which means completing two full flips and two full twists in the air before landing cleanly on the mat. And as you can see in the video below, Biles did just that becoming “the first person in HISTORY to perform a double-double dismount on beam.”

Yet, despite the history-making beam routine, Biles said of her performance to Team USA:

“I just want to throw it in the trash and start over. […] I feel like I compete for perfection. Whenever I don’t do that, it really irritates me.”

Then one day later, on Sunday, August 11, Biles performed her floor routine.

However, this time, the incredible athlete made history in the first 15 seconds of her routine when she pulled off a tumbling pass that “no woman has ever done before.”

Take a look at the triple-double below:

And even though Biles was rather unimpressed with herself, Biles still won her sixth U.S. all-around title. And as Team USA reports, that makes her “the first woman in nearly 70 YEARS to win six U.S. all-around titles.”

She told NBC 10 of her performances on Sunday, compared to Saturday:

“I was a lot happier today. I feel I haven’t been as confident on bars this year as I was last year. To finally do a good routine like I can do it, I was really happy. I was very happy and the last event, so I was like, ‘Thank God we’re done.'”

However, while no one else has successfully completed those two moves in competition, they haven’t been named “The Biles,” yet. The gymnast will have to stick the landing during an international competition in order to have that honor bestowed upon her.

But if Biles does keep those two moves in her routines as she continues down the road to the 2020 Olympics, the double-double and the triple-double will be the third and fourth tricks named after her.


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