Simon Cowell is known for creating and judging shows like “American Idol” and “America’s Got Talent” and for being a very successful music producer.

However, despite his busy schedule and multiple businesses, there is one person who takes precedence over all of it: his 3-year-old son, Eric.

Eric is Cowell’s only son with girlfriend Lauren Silverman.

And it’s because of Eric that Cowell is now focusing more of his energy on his health. According to The Sun, Cowell recently endured a health scare when he passed out and fell down a flight of stairs.

He explained:

“I’d gone to get some hot milk because I felt ropey. On the way back upstairs, I just remember feeling really dizzy. Next thing I know someone was putting a neck brace on me and I had a terrible headache, which must have been from me hitting the stairs. I was worried at first that I’d done some real damage.

But I’m on the mend now. I know I was very lucky I didn’t hurt myself seriously. It could have been a lot worse. I must say, everyone at the hospital were incredible. I’m truly grateful.”

The 58-year-old went on to say that the scare made him realize that he’s “not invincible” and needs to take better care of himself for the sake of his son.

He said:

“Sometimes we get a reminder that we’re not invincible and this was certainly mine. It was a huge shock. […] After all I am a dad and have more responsibility than ever.”

Cowell revealed that his doctors believe he fainted because of “low blood pressure.” He said he is taking a week off from work to really sort out his health and focus on taking better care of himself.

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