When Jason was 10 and his little sister, Christina, was 8, their mom dropped a bomb on them that was hard for them to fathom; the father they have known since birth was not their biological father.

Jason and Christina told TLC’s “Long Lost Family” that their parents decided before they were born that they would keep the fact that he wasn’t their biological father a secret.

Their mother told them anyway before asking them to keep what they now know a secret from their beloved father:

“We were having a family discussion. My mother was a little bit upset. She explained to us that our father who we have known all of our lives growing up, was not, in fact, our biological father.”

The brother and sister admitted they didn’t quite believe what their mother was telling them at first:

“It came out as kind of knee-jerk reaction. She explained to us that we were conceived using a sperm donor. Our mother said that Jason and I were conceived from the same donor. We were asked, point-blank, please do not let dad know that I told you this.”

Jason and Christina said it hurt them that, at such a young age, they were forced to keep such big news about who they are as people a secret.

Unable to talk about what it meant to be conceived using a sperm donor, the siblings carried around the stigmas that they thought best described their beginning, such as “test tube, freaky, Petri dish, experimental,” as Jason put it.

Following both of their parents’ passings, Jason and Christina decided it was finally time to try to track down who their biological father was because they wanted him to know that they weren’t “just some experiment.”

They enlisted the help of the hosts of TLC’s “Long Lost Family,” Lisa Joyner and Chris Jacobs.

Throughout an emotional journey, Joyner was able to track down answers for both Jason and Christina. Unfortunately, those answers came with another bombshell they never expected would drop.

Yes, both Jason and Christina were conceived through sperm donation. But unlike what their mother told them, Jason and Christina did not have the same biological father.

The news literally shook Christina to the core. Throughout their entire lives, the only people Jason and Christine had were each other. For 40 years, they were led to believe they shared the same DNA, but that wasn’t the case at all.

“I hate being lied to, Lisa. And you’re right, it’s not going to change anything. […] I’m just reeling right now. You just can’t believe what you’ve grown up believing, and maybe I held on to that too hard, maybe I wished too hard. I should have been more pragmatic. […] Just learning another lie is just a little shattering.”

That news was fortunately followed up with some good news; Joyner was able to locate both of their biological fathers. However, the only father who responded to Joyner’s call was Christina’s.

Jason’s father never responded back but now knows Jason wants to meet him if ever given the chance.

Nonetheless, Jason couldn’t be happier for his sister, who was given the chance to meet the man who shares half her DNA. It was a reunion that could warm anyone’s heart.

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