In 2016, four-year-old Josiah and three-year-old Naomi were found chained up in a wet, feces-covered backyard in Texas.

Police were called to the residence after a neighbor reported hearing a little girl scream for hours, according to KCENTV.

It was the three-year-old girl, who was being attacked by ants that she couldn’t escape— there was a dog leash around her wrist that bound her to a nearby door.

Police found little Josiah nearby, chained to a peg in the ground. He was so weak that police thought he might be dead. 

The children were taken to a nearby hospital where doctors found bites and bruises from head to toe.

According to KSAT, they’d been restrained by two adults put in charge of looking after them by their mother. All three adults have since been imprisoned.

But now, Josiah, Naomi, and 18-month-old brother Matthew have found their “forever home.”

The siblings were officially adopted by Lakenya and Allen Shaw, who are thrilled to have the three children as part of their family.

Their adoptive mother told KSAT:

“They are not the same kids when they first came into the system, but I think it’s owed to the people that have prayed to see these beautiful kids. Ain’t they beautiful? Absolutely.”

The couple was looking to adopt when they were contacted foster parents Danny and Theresa Nealy, who they knew through church. 

Allen said he couldn’t be more thrilled to adopt the children and help them heal:

“They are living the best life they ever lived, and I’m just glad they are able to be here and enjoy a moment like this and be on the mic, and people celebrate them.”

Judge Salinas, who made the adoption official, said she was “thrilled” to sign the papers, KIIITV reports.

In the courtroom, the children sang happy birthday to their “daddy,” whose birthday happened to fall on the day of the adoption.

Naomi said she’s happy to live in a happy home and have loving family by her side.

Their mother, Cheryl Reed, is currently awaiting trial.

The siblings’ caretaker, Porucha Phillips, was sentenced to 50 years in prison, and her husband, Deandre Dorch, was sentenced to 65 years behind bars for the abuse.

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