A child’s swimsuit caught the eye of 22-year-old Chelsee Mosson — not because she wanted to buy it, but because of the shocking picture she saw on it.

Ariel, from Disney’s “The Little Mermaid,” was a little too exposed for the shopper’s taste.

According to Huffington Post UK, Ariel’s famous shell bra was nowhere in sight, leaving the beloved Disney character topless.


The woman was at an Asda store with her boyfriend when she made the raunchy discovery. She said of her finding:

“To see Ariel without her trademark shell bra has scarred me for life and ruined a childhood classic. She’s a much-loved Disney character from a children’s film. She should definitely not be in the buff, that’s for sure.”

Mosson said she couldn’t believe her eyes and felt “disgusted” after noticing the suit, which is meant for children ages three to four.


As SWNS reports, Mosson did come to the realization that some might enjoy seeing a topless Ariel:

“It might be the idea of some people’s weird fantasy – but it should definitely not be on display in a supermarket and sold for children to wear.”

Wondering how neither the company that made the swimsuit nor employees at the store that sold the swimsuit didn’t catch the topless character before she did, Mosson contacted Asda.


As it turns out, a nude Ariel was not what the company that manufactured the item had in mind when the swimsuit was originally made. The company said it was an error.

An Asda spokesperson explained:

“We’re sorry for the printing error on ‘The Little Mermaid’ swimsuit, which was caused during the production process. It only affected a very small number of the swimsuits, which were available from George, but we’d like to reassure our customers that we have removed all stock from sale and will ensure this doesn’t happen again.”

The error makes her wonder how many other swimsuits are out there with Ariel’s shell bikini top missing for all to see.

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