Earlier this year, Ed Robins placed a hidden camera inside his 92-year-old mother’s nursing home room because he feared she was being mistreated.

Ed told Perth Now he noticed bruising and skin lacerations on the elderly woman and decided to install a small camera inside a clock in her room.

He was utterly disturbed by what he caught on camera. He told the station:

“It was just disgusting. It had family members in tears.”

Over a three-week period, surveillance footage captured Perth’s Morrison Lodge nursing home caretakers dragging and pulling the frail woman into her bed. According to ABC TV, Jean Robins had suffered from dementia and recently broke her leg at the time of the recording.

Ed said:

“I believe all aged institutions should have cameras in the rooms so that it’s protecting not only the patients, but the staff as well.​​”

After viewing the footage, authorities determined there was no violence or neglect demonstrated in the video. Charges of excessive force involving carers Luz Freeman and Glenda Lua were dismissed.

Watch the video below:

In March, Judge Gregory Smith ruled in favor of the nursing home staff, citing that Jean was:

“Often violent and abusive towards staff.”

He likened the 92-year-old’s demeanor to a child. Smith told the court that the situation was much like dealing with a difficult toddler:

“Perhaps if I were to give a quick example, placing of a two-year-old or a three-year-old into a car seat and trying to get their seatbelt done up.

If that child is compliant, then some force is needed, but not much. If the child is resisting, then more force is needed. If the child is throwing a complete tantrum, then obviously extra force is needed to achieve what has to be achieved.”

The Robins family was shocked by the ruling. The two nursing home workers were acquitted of all charges and compensated for their legal fees.

Ed said:

“What would you call it? I call it abuse.”

Smith said he understands that some might “view the footage differently.”

However, what some caretakers considered “rough handling” wasn’t enough for a conviction.

Freeman and Lua were fired.

Jean, now 94, is being cared for in Perth’s Morrison Lodge under surveillance. Ed believes there should be cameras in every room.

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