Carina Cansino is shedding a few tears, and that’s because her son is heading into his first year of elementary school.

On August 19, the mom took to Twitter to share a couple of photo of her son, Gus, just before he headed off to his first day of Kindergarten. The photos showed Gus wearing an oversized white t-shirt this his arms stretched out wide.

Now, many parents might see the front of the Gus’ shirt, where it reads the year he is expected to graduate high school, as pretty standard.

However, it’s the design on the back of Gus’ shirt that has over 216,000 people talking. Instead of leaving the back of the shirt blank, as most people do, Cansino took her creativity a step further.

Not only did she add his name to the back of the shirt, but she also labeled each grade he will enter as the years go on. And below each grade, she left enough space to add his handprint every time he enters a new school year.

As Cansino explained on Twitter:

The concept is that every year on the first day we take a picture of him in it and by his senior year he will fit in the shirt and we’ll get to go through every school year photo and watch his growth.

Thousands of people absolutely fell in love with the heartwarming idea:

He’s so cuuuuuute!! I love the idea of the tee-shirt with all grades!

Omg I wanna start this but I already missed two grades lol

We take a photo in front of our house every year with our son holding the same “first day of class school sign.” But I really wish we had done this, too. Also…Your boy is so cute!

Congratulations on a brilliant plan! Your little man is your inspiration, and I bet you are his.

And even more people said they were making notes in their calendar to head back to Cansino’s Twitter in 2032 just so they can see how Gus has grown over the years:

After her tweet went viral, the mom said she couldn’t wait to “go home and tell my 5-year-old he’s famous”:

What a great first day of school! GUS SAYS THANK YOU FOR BEING SO NICE.

How adorable is this?

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