On Tuesday, a Florida deputy stumbled upon a frightening scene, one that, sadly, isn’t that unheard of as of late.

According to NBC News, Volusia County Sheriff’s Deputy Blaine Lewis came across a car parked outside a Circle K convenience store with the driver’s door open. As she approached the vehicle, she quickly realized there were two individuals sitting in the front seats.

They were both passed out.

As Deputy Lewis walked toward them, she noticed a third person in the backseat: an 8-month-old baby.

Volusia County Sheriff’s spokesman Andrew Gant told NBC News that the department decided to post the deputy’s body cam footage of the scene to its Facebook page to show the “reality” of the opioid epidemic.

Volusia County Corrections

According to the Facebook post, Lewis observed that the car’s windows were “fogged up, indicating the vehicle had been sitting for an extended amount of time.” Upon her arrival, Lewis saw that the sleeping baby was “profusely sweating.”

Lewis woke up both adults, Sean Gannon and Kimberly McCaffrey, and began questioning them. Shortly after waking them up, the baby woke and started crying. The sheriff’s department wrote (emphasis added):

It became apparent the infant had not had her diaper changed in some time as the diaper was saturated with fluids and leaking from the diaper edges around the legs. The diaper had been leaking for an extended period which was evident by the infant car seat also being saturated with fluids from the baby’s diaper. The appearance of the baby was dirty and it appeared the baby had not been bathed in some time. The baby appeared to be hungry. The baby cried and reached for an empty bottle when she saw it.

Upon further investigation, officials discovered a “clear plastic baggie with white residue” in McCaffrey’s front pocket, which later tested positive for “the presence of opiates.”

As authorities removed Gannon from the driver’s seat, they “observed track marks on his inner arms” and found a used syringe in his front pocket, which also tested positive for opiates. He was arrested and charged with driving while license suspended and possession of drug paraphernalia.

McCaffrey was arrested and charged with child neglect and possession of opiates.

The child is now being cared for by the Department of Children and Families, but as previously reported by Independent Journal Review, the effects of having addict parents can last a lifetime.

Volusia County Corrections

Beth McKeithan of Prevent Child Abuse Rowan told IJR that experiencing a traumatic event before a certain age can have extreme long-term causes on the child:

“Any child that experiences trauma under the age of 12, it adds a great deal of traumatic experience to their situation, it actually prevents their brain from growing properly, it changes their DNA, their actual physical DNA.”

The two individuals are currently in Volusia County Branch Jail. It’s unclear whether they have been granted bail.

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