Life as Shania Twain knew it changed forever nearly 10 years ago when she decided to call it quits with her long time husband and creative partner, Robert “Mutt” Lange.

Her 14-year marriage came to a screeching halt after rumors of Mutt’s dogging around surfaced. Around the time of their breakup, People suggested that Lange was allegedly sneaking off with another woman while Twain was hard at work creating smash hit after smash hit.

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The 59-year-old music producer was apparently having an affair with the pair’s personal assistant, 37-year-old Marie-Anne Thiébaud.

But that’s not the worst of it.

According to People, Thiébaud wasn’t only Twain’s right-hand woman — she was her best friend.

Twain naturally spiraled, struggling with feelings of heartbreak and betrayal.

A source close to Twain revealed to People that the music legend felt attacked from every angle:

“It’s a multiple betrayal because it involves all the people around her, the people she is closest to. She is in absolute, total shock.”

Fortunately, Twain was able to piece together her broken heart with a new man. Well, maybe not so new.

In an interesting twist, Twain began dating the ex-husband of the woman who helped break her heart: Frédéric Thiébaud.

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Frédéric and Shania fell for one another quickly. According to People, they married in a small ceremony of 40 guests in Puerto Rico in January 2011.

After almost 15 years of radio silence, Twain is back with new music, too. And she’s not afraid to put her exes on blast.

On Wednesday, Twain released the music video for her song “Life’s About to Get Good,” the lead track from the new, upcoming album, “Now.”

The bright and sunny video features Twain and some cheery resort workers transforming a hotel room, as the award-winning singer sings and spins; but their gleeful spirits may be masking a shadier message.

One clip in particular features a housekeeper throwing out a photo of Twain and a mysterious ex:


In the video, Twain tosses this ‘garbage’ man in the trash where he belongs, all while singing the lyrics:

“I had to believe that things would get better. It was time to forget you, forever.”


As soon as the photo is disposed of, light comes pouring into the room, and bouncy guitar plays as Twain goes off on a catchy refrain about joy.

That’s some not-so-subtle shade.

Nash Country Daily confirmed that the frame was definitely a photographic “dig” at her ex, but that leaves fans to beg the question — which one?

The easiest assumption would be the man who shattered her heart, Mutt Lange. But upon close inspection, the “fake” ex-lover and Lange bear no passing resemblance.

For reference, here is a photo of Lange next to a photo of the mystery man:


The ex-in-question, with defined features, broad shoulders and a chiseled jaw, looks nothing like Twain’s longtime lover, who donned a more relaxed look with wild, curly locks and a softer face.

However, this fake philanderer does resemble another man in Twain’s life: her new babe, Frédéric.

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But what does this mean? Twain’s kept her new relationship relatively off the radar, but it’d be a shock to many to see the two split so quickly.

Right now, we can only speculate who this man, so easily thrown in the trash, may be. Is it her new, pretty boy Frédéric, her old, cheating ex Mutt, or another man in her Rolodex?

Perhaps more hints will be revealed in her new album, set to drop on September 29. We’ll be watching.

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