Tessa Brennaman met her ex-husband Devin Kelley when they both worked at a burger joint. In an interview which aired Monday, she told “Inside Edition” that she initially found him “funny and charming.” However, Brennaman had no idea the man he would turn out to be.

She recalled:

“He was really nice; he was funny. He would pay for my food if we would go somewhere. He would go drive to the mall together and he would sing in the car and make fun of the songs.”

Brennaman continued, telling “Inside Edition” that Kelley never showed her his true colors until after they became man and wife and moved from Texas to New Mexico when he was in the Air Force.

She explained:

“He would choke me, punch me, kick me. There would be times where I was on the floor curled up and I would have to protect my organs because he would be violently kicking me. […]

If we wanted to go do something and had an appointment at 5 o’clock and I wasn’t ready to leave by a certain time, he would beat me.”

Brennaman also revealed that Kelley sexually assaulted her, which she said is something that’s very difficult for her to relive:

“The most I can say is he did do it against my will. I told him not to, and we would do it anyway.”

She said he threatened to kill her multiple times and even put a gun to her head while they drove in a car together. She recalled:

“He’s like, ‘I could just bury you somewhere in the desert and no one would ever find you.’ […] He had a gun in his holster right here and he took it out and he put it to my [temple]. He told me, ‘Do you want to die? Do you want to die?’”

Then, after turning the gun toward himself, he admitted to Brennaman that he abused her infant son from another relationship.

As Brennaman told “Inside Edition,” three months before Kelley held a gun to her head, she had to rush her young son to the hospital after he vomited a number of times. Doctors who tended to her son told Brennaman that he had suffered a fractured skull.

According to the “Inside Edition” interview, she initially believed it to be the result of an accident until Kelley came clean that day in the car. The mom “was so angry.” It was that admission that led to their divorce. It was also what led to his year-long stint in prison — she reported the abuse she and her son had endured to police.

According to Brennaman, the last time she was contacted by Kelley was eight months ago. He sent her a message on Facebook, asking to see her breasts. Brennaman told Kelley’s second wife about the message and then received a second message from Kelley telling her to stop harassing his wife at her workplace.

However, despite everything Kelley put Brennaman through, she told “Inside Edition” she never expected that he would gun down 26 people inside the First Baptist Church of Sutherland Springs, Texas.

“I never suspected he would be killing random people.”

Brennaman said she has no idea why her ex-husband would decide to kill so many people, but she believes Kelley was pure evil, a “psychopath.”

You can watch a preview of Brennaman’s interview below.

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