Tennis superstar Serena Williams’ husband, Alexis Ohanian, is known for “going big” when it comes to their relationship.

Ohanian, who co-founded Reddit, has been known to make some pretty grand gestures when it comes to showing his love for his wife.

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Normal weekend.

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As he explained in an op-ed he wrote for Glamour, some of those things included:

I put up some billboards for my wife, aka the “GMOAT” (greatest mom of all time), to celebrate her first tournament after having our daughter, Alexis Olympia Ohanian Jr. I made a video showcasing her journey returning to tennis around the U.S. Open. And then there was that trip to Italy—she had a craving, so I delivered her to Venezia.

And while he realizes not everyone can do some of the things he’s done for Williams in the past, he says it’s not the grand gestures that make their marriage.

Instead, it’s the simpler things that matter. Most specifically, their weekly Sunday tradition.

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I can’t with @realqaiqai ??

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Ohanian explained:

It wasn’t always easy, but my parents were partners in the truest sense. By watching them up close, I learned what it means to be supportive, how to make compromises without sacrificing yourself, and how to show up in the ways that matter. Whether it was being proud parents at my football games, or organizing family road-trips for weekend getaways to Civil War battlefields or antiquing (the former was my dad’s favorite, the latter my mom’s; at the time I found them boring, but appreciate those memories now). In short, I got the cheat code for partnership early on.

He continued:

The real scoop on “going big” for my wife would never go viral—it’s our simple Sunday tradition. Growing up, my dad would make pancakes every Sunday. They were delicious, but it wasn’t just about the food. It was about being together. So on Sunday mornings, I make breakfast for the family and it doesn’t cost me a thing, except for gluten-free flour (I had to modify Dad’s recipe a bit), some eggs, almond milk, a secret ingredient, and berries (Olympia loves raspberries). There are no phones, just conversation. And we’ll spend the day together lounging around the house, or playing hide-and-seek, or going for a swim in the pool. Just being a family on those days means so much to both of us—more than a billboard, a video montage, or a whirlwind trip to Italy.

However, while their Sundays are special to the Williams-Ohanian family and their marriage, that doesn’t mean Ohanian will stop making grand gestures for his wife anytime soon.

The proud husband and father writes, “I will always try to show my wife how much I appreciate and support her. As an entrepreneur, one of my big mantras is to surprise and delight. I guess I’ve applied that in some way to romance, and if I can think of a way to top myself, I’ll keep pulling out the stops.”

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