Motherhood has been a difficult road for tennis star Serena Williams, who suffered from major health complications after giving birth.

Dearly previously reported that Williams welcomed her daughter with husband Alexis Olympia Ohanian Jr. in September, but was unable to care for her for six weeks due to blood clots and breathing issues.

The health problems started when the 36-year-old had to undergo an emergency C-section because her baby girl’s heart rate started to drop.

Now, Williams is opening up about the moment she learned that she wouldn’t have a natural birth.

Serena Williams/Instagram

The new mom told People that she had an eerie feeling that she wouldn’t be having a natural birth, before she even knew her daughter was having problems. 

The tennis star said: 

“Felt like yesterday the doctor walked in, she looked at me and she said, ‘Alright, we’re gonna have to give you a c-section…. I was like, ‘Alright, cool.’

And I didn’t flinch. There was a weird sense in me [that] knew that I was going to have to have a c-section, so I wasn’t too surprised even though I didn’t want it.”

Williams said she was disappointed that she would have to live with a scar and couldn’t have the natural birth she wanted.

Serena Williams/Instagram

The 36-year-old explained:

“I was still devastated. I think every woman, a part of them, wants to have birth naturally and [to] feel that … when you get a c-section it’s different.”

Despite her disappointment, Williams was just happy to have a healthy baby girl. She told People:

“Once she was okay, everything for me was okay. Even though everything wasn’t okay.”

Now that both mom and baby are healthy, the athlete has returned to what she does best — tennis. And now, she has a tiny cheerleader on the sidelines.

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