It’s been nearly a year since actress Selma Blair was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis and just nine months since she went public on Instagram.

Now, in a new interview with People, Blair is opening up about how her diagnosis has affected her. And also how it has affected her 8-year-old son Arthur.

The 47-year-old mom of one said she’s been honest about her new challenges with Arthur over the last year. And as Blair admits, she’s been incredibly “impressed” with the “resilience” Arthur has shown, especially after witnessing her falling down the stairs and rushing to the bathroom after feeling nauseous:

“He’s had to endure a lot; he’s seen a lot.”

As Dearly previously reported, Blair often talks about her son on Instagram and how he’s been coping with her ailments.

She once shared the synopsis of a short story Arthur wrote while at a workshop. She wrote, in part:

Young authors workshop. He wrote a story about being trapped in a house. He told me I inspired it.

Nonetheless, as Blair told People, Arthur “doesn’t view his mom’s weaknesses negatively”:

“He says, ‘Mommy’s not sick. Mommy’s brave.'”

The 47-year-old admits that she’s never been more proud than to hear her son say that.

Blair continued:

“He said, ‘I love when you come to school because you make the kids laugh and you answer all their questions.’ I explain what’s happening and that my voice doesn’t hurt, and we have really decent exchanges. I had no idea Arthur was proud of that. I thought ‘I’m probably an embarrassment,’ but to know I’m not was one of my proudest moments.”

In a February interview with Good Morning America, Blair explained that she deals with spasmodic dysphonia as a result of MS.

Spasmodic dysphonia causes Blair’s voice to have a tight and strained quality to it.

Actress Selma Blair, Diagnosed With Multiple Sclerosis, Makes Graceful Return to Red Carpet

This was her first time attending a public event after revealing she was diagnosed with Multiple Scelerosis.

Posted by Dearly Presents on Wednesday, February 27, 2019

According to People, Blair remains that her son is her reason for doing her best to live well while battling MS.

She concluded, “This is it. The only life we get. My disease isn’t a tragedy, but I tell myself, ‘You’re going to live in a way that would be an example for yourself and your son.'”

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