Last week, Imgur user ghostiebug, posted Twenty One Pilots lyrics on her Snapchat story. The lyrics read:

I will fear the night again. I hope I’m not my only friend.

A friend who follows ghostiebug on Snapchat saw the lyrics and reached out, responding back with another part of the song:

The sun will rise and we will try again…

The friend then asked if ghostiebug was OK:


The Imgur user, who posted a screenshot of their conversation online, told the friend she was OK, but “it meant a lot” she made the effort to reach out, and thanked her for doing so.

The friend then told ghostiebug to “keep in mind” she could always reach out to her if she ever needed to talk.


Ghostiebug wrote on Imgur the exchange was all she needed in that moment:

All it takes is one person to change someone’s day. Yesterday, I was in a rough place and this wonderful person reached out and made my day. It made me realize that someone cares, so if you notice someone having a bad day/week/month, please, please reach out to them. It could help more than you think.

She then changed her “mood” by quoting another line from the song: “Stay alive, stay alive for me.”

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