Children seem to have creative ways of finding a comfortable seating position.

But medical experts suggest some are far worse on kid’s health than others.

Dr. Claudia Chaloner, who specializes in wellness and physical therapy, believes children who often sit with their legs in a “W shape” will have health problems later in life.

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Dr. Chaloner explains on YouTube:

“Not only is this bad for our hips, knees and ankles, but it also delays our postural muscles and gaining that core stability that we need, especially when we grow up to do weight lifting or any kind of sport.”

As Diply reports, the W position is common for children as it provides stability and a level of comfort for them. Pediatric therapist, Jean McNamara, further claims the position is likely appealing for kids when they’re playing with toys:

“When in the W-position, a child is planted in place or “fixed” through the trunk. This allows for play with toys in front, but does not permit trunk rotation and lateral weight shifts (twisting and turning to reach toys on either side).”

The Child’s Play Therapy Center says potential negative health affects resulting from the W position include:

  • Increased risk of the child’s hip and leg muscles becoming short and tight – this can then negatively affect their coordination, balance, and the development of gross motor skills down the road

  • Increased child’s risk of hip dislocation – especially those who already have hip dysplasia (which may not be formally diagnosed)

  • Create difficulty for the child to reach across the body and perform tasks that involve using both hands together or crossing their arm over from one side to the other, affecting writing and other table-top activities

  • Hinders standing balance and ability to run and jump due to inability to shift weight


Image Credit: Screenshot/YouTube

While countless medical experts agree the W position isn’t healthy for children in the long run, many parents on social media are torn about whether or not kids should stop sitting this way:

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Dr. Chaloner recommends “praising children” who either sit cross-legged or with their legs outstretched, and hopes parents will guide their children into alternative postures if they’re currently sitting in the W position most of the time.

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