A California mom was on a shopping trip with her 10-year-old daughter last week when she captured footage of a security guard speaking down to a nervous-looking woman holding a baby.

The guard’s harsh words immediately sparked controversy, and now the video is quickly making its way across the web.

According to Fox 5 in San Diego, it started last Thursday when local mom Sonia Serrano was walking through the College Grove Shopping Center in San Diego with her daughter.

That’s when she noticed a security guard in a golf cart speaking to the other mother. And when Serrano heard what he was saying, she knew she had to record it.

The guard asked for the woman’s immigration papers and told her:

“You’re illegally here, you’re having babies and you’re probably on welfare.”

The woman with the baby had allegedly been panhandling, but Serrano felt that the security guard’s attitude was uncalled for. She shot back at the guard:

“I’m gonna defend her! She has a baby!”

The guard also referred to the woman and her child as part of a “scam,” and said they probably already have a car and a condo, according to KFOR.

Another woman passing by also jumped in to defend the mother. She pointed out the man was just a security guard and not a police officer.

He then claimed he was just doing his job before asking the women to leave.

Serrano later posted the video to Facebook where it received more than 800,000 views, according to Fox 5. The mother said many of the viewers assumed the woman was Mexican, but she said that’s false.

Now Serrano is using the incident as a teaching moment for her daughter. She said:

“I told my daughter just don’t be afraid. People like that, you just have to ignore them. Because they’re mad about the world, they’re mad about something.”

KFOR reported that the security guard’s employer, Allied Universal, said that they are now “handling” the situation. Watch the video below:

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