A California family said they’re still shaken up after the scary moments of a home invasion were caught on security camera footage.

Schendelle Bohulano took to Facebook to share a chilling video of a burglar who was caught roaming through her sister’s home while she and her two small children were asleep on Sunday morning, reports ABC 7 News.

Footage shows a man wearing a red hoodie peeking through the bedroom door to the children’s room where Bohulano’s 4-year-old niece and her 1-year-old brother were sleeping.

Watch the video below:

Posted by Schendelle Bohulano on Sunday, March 17, 2019

Their mom was also asleep in the next room while her husband was at work.

Bohulano believes the thief saw her brother-in-law leave home before breaking in through the backyard.

The random stranger was first caught by a neighbor’s surveillance video walking by the house several times around 7 a.m. He is then seen moving through the house before he entered the kids’ room upstairs. Bohulano told the station:

“I started crying, there’s a random stranger in my nieces and nephew’s rooms.”

She continued:

“He just came in here like he knew where he was going.”

The burglar was only a few feet away from the baby’s crib. The incident was a real shocker to Bohulano, so she warned her friends and family members about the scary ordeal.

Posted by Schendelle Bohulano on Sunday, March 17, 2019

Bohulano wrote:

Someone broke into my sisters house at 7 in the morning while my 4 year old niece, 1 year old nephew and sister was home. He even had the audacity to look at the kids rooms while they were sleeping. I’m f*ckin shooken … they stole a MacBook laptop, Mac desktop, beats headphones, and my niece’s iPad as far as we know…. we had more cameras in the house but dude turned it off except for a few he missed…

He went inside the home three times during the burglary.

Posted by Judella Bohulano on Sunday, March 17, 2019

No one was harmed during the break-in, however, the family had computers, headphones, and an iPad taken.

The family told the station they plan on getting a big guard dog and upgrading their security system to protect their home in the future.

Police are trying to identify the burglar through a DNA sample since he left behind a pair of gloves.

Watch the video below:

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  • Michael Bankston 1 year ago

    Thank God no one got hurt!

  • Truly 1 year ago

    I think he is dumb! Lol he ll be caught and yep a dog is great, they bark, alert you then you grab your weapon! Sounds about right….

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