A mother was shocked when she learned the quiet room her son’s middle school was offering to him was actually a desk in a bathroom.

According to KOMO, 11-year-old Lucas has autism and an autoimmune disorder known as PANDAS. As a result, he learns and studies better in a quiet environment.

So after Lucas’ mother Danielle Goodwin talked with her son’s school, Whatcom Middle School decided it would be best to put a desk and a chair in a bathroom to create a makeshift quiet room for him.


However, in an interview with KOMO, Lucas said he was frustrated by the school’s decision to put him in a functioning bathroom:

“Sad, stressed, embarrassed. I was like how is this happening? How am I in the bathroom? Why?”

In the picture Goodwin took of the quiet room, you can see that Lucas’s desk was placed directly over the toilet. There was even a camping mat so that Lucas could take naps on the bathroom floor.

Goodwin said she was also appalled when she learned that the quiet room they had created for Luca was, in reality, a bathroom. She told KOMO:

“I was stunned. I was so shocked I just took the picture because I didn’t believe what I was seeing.”

The teacher later told Goodwin and Lucas that was the best they could do.

The mom continued:

“It’s not an appropriate place for anyone, but especially for Lucas with his PANDAS condition (Pediatric Autoimmune Neuropsychiatric Disorders Associated with Streptococcal Infections), he can’t be around germs. That’s something that can really affect his body. It smelled and just the thought of my son working his school day away in a bathroom was disturbing to me.”

In a statement made by the school after Goodwin sent in a complaint, a spokeswoman said that space has been an issue at their institution, but that the desk has since been removed from the bathroom:

“I can tell you that we are aware of the situation, and that we have taken immediate steps to remove the desk depicted in the photo and ensure that this space is not used as a learning space. While we aren’t able to share specific details about our students, we can tell you that keeping our students safe and engaged in learning are our top priorities.”

Goodwin has since hired an attorney in response to the situation. Their lawyer, Shannon McMinimee, told CNN:

“This is the weirdest thing I’ve ever seen a school district do.”

It’s unclear if another area has been set up for Lucas.

However, the 11-year-old explained that he no longer wants to return to Whatcom Middle School after calling the entire situation “not okay.”

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One Reply to “Student Says He Was Stunned When He Learned the Quiet Room School Set up For Him Was a Functioning Bathroom”

  • Anonymous 1 year ago

    Just another person trying to make a huge deal out of a small problem. If germs are so dangerous why us he in public school and if his learning disability is so bad what is the PUBLIC SCHOOL supposed to do they cant accommodate every kid that needs there OWN room so they can study as far as I can tell the school tried pretty hard to accommodate the family it’s not like they can just add on a wing fir every kid that cant read a book because of noise around them. The mom trying to sue the school now when maybe she should have accommodated her own kid a little better and looked around for a place that accommodates children like her own if it isnt so easy for her to do so for her 1 kid maybe she can see how hard it is to do so for over 500 DIFFRENT KIDS WITH DIFFRENT ISSUES just shows how self entitled people are placing blame on someone else when they themselves havnt done anything to themselves guarantee there just sitting by the phone waiting for the lawyer to tell them what there cash settlement will be and not put one dollar to helping there kids learning problem while taking the little money the school has to help many other kids with problems of there own it’s so maddening

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