A teacher who had the idea to dress up in blackface for a school presentation came under fire when she offended several students and parents.

A student who attends Victory Christian School reportedly told their mom about the history lesson, and she expressed her concern to Fox 40.

But according to the station, this mother was not the only parent who was deeply offended by a white teacher darkening her skin to portray a Central African woman.

The mishap ensued last Thursday in Sacramento, California, when an unidentified female teacher dressed up from head to toe in “typical native dress and headdress” for the sake of “authenticity.”

The teacher was supposedly celebrating the work of missionary David Livingstone and decided to depict a woman he encountered during his time in Africa in the late 19th century.

However, the elementary chapel speaker aroused anger and shock when she wore a printed African dress, matching headscarf, bare feet and also:

“Used makeup to darken her skin tone on her arms, shoulders, and face.”

Many people who reacted to the social media post on Twitter called out the school and teacher:

The school’s superintendent, John Huffman. said he should have known better and prevented the incident. After the school got a strong reaction from the community, Huffman apologized to parents and students in a statement. He said:

I was wrong to allow the use of makeup no matter how innocent the intentions as it has offended some of my students and parents.  I should have anticipated that this could be offensive, and I apologized to my students and parents asking to be forgiven for hurting them.

Fox 40 did not identify the teacher, and she has not yet spoken publicly about the presentation.

Huffman also sent out an email apologizing to families the very next day for the “poor judgment call.”

Watch the video below:

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15 Replies to “School Under Fire for History Presentation After a Teacher Wore Blackface for ‘Authenticity’”

  • David 2 years ago

    It is time people get over things offending them at the drop of a hat. This teacher wasn’t trying to make black people look bad. She was trying to make her class see things that were related to the lesson. I guess the next thing that will be offensive and draw outrage id white people getting Tans!!!

  • Darren Seabolt 2 years ago

    Oh wow, people get hurt over the least little thing. Why can’t people mind their own damn business when it’s not even hurting anything. I’m for the teacher on this one. I like what David posted.

  • Thomas Ianello 2 years ago

    I am also with the teacher on this one. I am so sick of all this politically correct nonsense. People getting offended because of a “teacher” teaching her class? C’mon, give it a rest already and get on with learning!!! Whoever said to hire a “person of color” needs to go back to pre-school and learn how to deal with life!

  • Steven 2 years ago

    Why not just ask a black person to play the part?

    • Robert Miles 2 years ago

      Are you sure that you’re not suggesting that she should hire a black MAN?

  • Catherine 2 years ago

    I’m embarrassed that our country has turned out like this. So is a clown racist for having a painted face, usually white? NO! Black people need to calm down.

  • Kevin Hickman 2 years ago

    While i agree that this was the wrong thing to do, i believe her intentions were honorable and that she should be quicky forgiven. We all need to stop going around with a chip on our shoulder looking to be offended.

  • Hector Jr 2 years ago

    The next step here is to turn this around. Let’s no longer see this as mockery or insult. Let’s make this a sign of flattery. Only you as an individual can make a positive out of this.
    Stop being a victim.

  • crystal glover 2 years ago

    Let’s remember what the main thing is. The main thing is Jesus Christ. We need to get over all the things that are not going to matter at the end of life. Jesus loves us and gave His life for us so we can have eternal life. Let’s get over something that is so petty, I don’t think this teacher meant any harm in what she did she was teaching her class. Jesus Christ is all we need and we should be sharing Him with others and loving others.

  • Karen 2 years ago

    Personally I’m just a little confused. On this hand, people are up in arms because a white woman tried depicting a black person in history for authenticity. On the other hand, a play called Hamilton has an all black cast depicting white persons in history and it wins applause and accolades as being a “breakthrough” in theatrical portrayals. SMH

    • Christopher Chandler 2 years ago

      They don’t paint their faces to look like White men. The face and bpdy painting is the only issue here. If that teacher presented the same lesson without the paint, and with the same clothing and dialogue, this would not be a new story.

  • Mark 2 years ago

    A man can play the part of a woman, a woman can play the part of a man, by saying it’s “so”, in our society. Men can use women’s restrooms and women can use men’s. Michael Jackson wanted to look more white and no one complained, why is this all a big deal?

  • Anonymous 2 years ago

    Are you serious? The movie White Chicks didnt offend anybody! In this movie black cops dressed as white teenage girls. Yet if the movie was called “Black Chicks” and white cops dressed as black teenagers shit would hit the fan!! Pathetic …your only teaching your children to be easily offended and weak as well. Get over it already!

    • Christopher Chandler 2 years ago

      A school-based lesson and an intenionally comedic parody in a movie are two different contexts. Robert Downey, Jr. got away with it in a movie as well, so that’s not the argument. In a school setting, this teacher sets a dangerous precedent for “authenticity” in cultural portrayals. Wearing the clothing would have been enough without the paint.

  • Christopher Chandler 2 years ago

    The problem is precedent. If a White teacher paints her face and body to inaccurately portray an African, it gives students the idea that such behavior is socially acceptable. Despite what people think, students do not often separate their school experience from their home/social experience. They may act differently in both environments, but the images and ideas they see will ultimately carry over from one context to the other. The teacher had intentions that could have been fulfilled with just the clothing and details regarding the history of the missionary’s encounter.

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