A parent-teacher organization hosted a fundraiser at a Massachusetts school, but it was a controversial tombstone in a Halloween display that had people talking.

According to CBS Boston, the fundraiser at West Parish Elementary School featured a bean bag toss game. The targets were tombstones with names on them. One in particular stood out; it had the name “Don Trump” on it.

Some shocked parents complained to the school and city officials pointing out the “joke” about the death of President Donald J. Trump made them feel uncomfortable and offended.

Parents sent pictures of the headstone with Trump’s name adorning it to Massachusetts Republican Party Committeewoman Amanda Orlando Kesterson, who headed to Facebook to stand up for the parents, students, and the president.

Kesterson wrote:

I was sent this photo which depicts decorations from last night’s Halloween party at West Parish Elementary School. As you can see, the middle tombstone has the name of the president on it.

I find it absolutely despicable that the PTO of one of our local elementary schools would bring this political agenda before our children. The parents or teachers responsible for this disgusting display should claim responsibility publicly and apologize publicly as well. If it was an employee of our school system, I expect Dr. Safier to deal appropriately with this individual for this political ploy which has no place in our schools.

Donald Trump is our president and he deserves respect. We should teach our children that the office of the president ALWAYS deserves respect. Our school system is not the place for nasty political agendas.

As MassLive reports, Principal Telena S. Imel addressed the issue, explaining in an apology letter that the game was meant to be funny:

This event was fun and it was successful due to the efforts of many families. Unfortunately, however, one game brought in by a parent included the name of our president painted on a tombstone. While, according to the parent, this was designed to be humorous, a number of attendees rightfully felt that it showed disrespect. And, intentionally or not, it inappropriately brought a political agenda into what was designated to be a fun family affair.

The Grade 5 Parent Committee that hosted the “Haunted Happenings” party and fundraiser have also apologized for putting the president’s name on a tombstone.

Watch Kesterson discuss the parent response below.

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