An Indiana bus driver was fired after allegedly allowing middle school students to take the wheel of her school bus.
After the alleged incident was caught on camera and went viral, parents reacted to the news.
CBS Chicago
Parents of students attending Boone Grove High School told a school resource officer Thursday that Joandrea Dehaven McAtee let an 11, 13, and 17-year-old take turns driving a short distance on a street in rural Valparaiso, according to CBS Chicago.
Some of the other students on the bus at the time recorded the incident.

In one video, a female driver can be heard saying:

“Don’t tell no other adults about this.”

According to ABC News, in another video, a woman, identified by authorities as McAtee, 27, is heard saying:
“First, what you gotta do, is put your foot on the brake.”
The driver was immediately fired by the school district and bus company after police launched an investigation.
In a statement to ABC, the bus company First Student said:
We are incredibly disappointed by the actions of our former driver.
[…] The driver has been terminated. We have a zero-tolerance policy for employees whose actions may harm or put others at risk.
McAtee was arrested on Friday and charged with felony neglect. Parents on Facebook shared their reactions to the driver’s firing:
God forbid we encourage or build self confidence in our children. Good job lady. Some of those children will remember that for the rest of their lives.
While I don’t agree with what she did, back when I started school (1967) it was normal for students that had drivers license to drive the school bus. I think they stopped it in the late 70’s.
If she was their parent, that’s one thing. Some kids learn to drive tractors, lawnmowers, 4-Wheeler’s and motorcycles as soon as their legs are long enough. Learning to drive a school bus from your bus driver with a bus of Kids? Naw, that’s just stupidity.
According to CBS Chicago, parents have complained about McAtee in the past.
One parent said her daughter came home crying, while another voiced concerns about the driver yelling at students.

The sheriff’s department and the Porter Township School continue to investigate the case.

Porter County Sheriffs Office

No students were injured or harmed during the incident.

Watch the video below:

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School Bus Driver Fired and Arrested for Letting Kids Drive Bus— Parents Don’t Think She’s Totally in the Wrong

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