NBC’s “Today” show host Savannah Guthrie is a proud mother of two, but the road to parenthood wasn’t easy.

The 47-year-old revealed in the May issue of Health magazine that she wasn’t sure if she could have a second child after welcoming her first in 2014.

She ultimately decided to undergo in vitro fertilization at 44 because she felt her eldest child, 4-year-old Vale, should have a sibling. Guthrie told Health:

“I didn’t want to start a process where we spent all of our present searching after some future … when our present was so lovely and beautiful and enough. But I also knew I would love for Vale to have a sibling — especially because we are older, it was important to me for her to have a sibling, somebody to do life with.”

The talk show host welcomed her son, Charley, in 2016. She said having two children was a blessing she wasn’t sure she’d ever get to have:

“I knew it was the winning lottery ticket to have one child — I was 42 when I had [Vale]. So I never dreamed that I would have two. But with Charley, I did do IVF. So I would say Vale was a miracle, and Charley was a medical miracle.”

Guthrie said that even when she’s running around trying to “wrangle” her kids, she can’t help but feel “abundantly blessed.”

The mother of two told Health:

“I always say, Charley was, like, the last egg out. He really was. And we’re so blessed. Going through what we did, it makes you realize that everything has to go just right to have a healthy baby.”

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Guthrie said going through the IVF process made her think about other women who may be having fertility issues:

“I really feel for so many women who are struggling and wishing and wondering, ‘When’s it gonna be my turn?’ I know. And I understand.”

The “Today” host said she’s still working to juggle work, dieting, and now kids. But at the end of the day, it’s all worth it.

“Ten years ago,” she said, “I would have dreamed of that moment.”

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