Track Palin, the oldest son of former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin, was arrested Saturday for breaking into his parents’ home in Wasilla, Alaska, and assaulting his father, Todd.

Sarah Palin gained national recognition when she was appointed as Arizona Sen. John McCain’s running mate in the 2008 presidential election. ABC News reported that Palin has lauded Track for his military service in Iraq.

But since 2016, Track has been getting into trouble with the law for domestic violence, including an arrest in 2016 for assaulting his girlfriend.

In Track’s complaint papers and in an affidavit released by the Los Angeles Times, Wasilla Police Officer Adam LaPointe, who arrived on-scene, wrote a firsthand account of the incident. Track wanted to pick up his truck from his parents’ house, but Todd asked him not to, as Track had been drinking and was on pain medication.

According to Track, he responded to Todd by saying he would come to the house anyway and “beat your a**.” Track explained that he approached the house and tried to open it. When it wouldn’t open, he turned to the window, where he saw Todd standing and pointing a gun at him.

Officer LaPointe wrote:

Track stated he told Todd to shoot him several times. Track said Todd tapped the barrel of the gun on the window, so he punched the window.

Track said he broke into the house, disarmed Todd, threw him down to the floor, and hit him repeatedly in the head with his fists. Wife Sarah was the one who called 911.

LaPointe’s affidavit continued:

The complainant, Sarah Palin stated that Track was freaking out and was on some type of medication… Todd sustained injuries to his face and head… Todd had blood from several cuts on his head and had liquid coming from his ear.

When police arrived at the house, they came upon Sarah and Todd driving away in two separate cars.

The affidavit stated:

Todd appeared to have injuries to his face and head based on the visible blood running down his face. In the second vehicle was… Sarah Palin. Sarah was visibly upset.

Track remained in the house, but police heard him yelling. Police attempted to get Track to exit the home, but Track was behaving erratically, exiting the house, then re-entering. At one point, he went upstairs and exited a window onto the roof of the garage.

LaPointe wrote:

Communication was attempted which failed due to Track yelling and calling myself and other officers “peasants'” and telling us to lay our guns on the ground before approaching the residence… He moved around in a strange manner and assumed a prone position just behind the roof line in what appeared to be an attempt to locate officers on the property.

Police were eventually able to persuade Track into coming outside to speak with them, where he was then handcuffed and taken into custody. He was charged with first-degree burglary, fourth-degree assault, and fourth-degree criminal mischief for intending to or actively damaging property worth between $250 to $1,000.

As ABC reported, in 2016, Track was arrested after allegedly assaulting his girlfriend, Jordan Loewe, in the Palin family home. He was charged with fourth-degree assault, interfering with a domestic violence report, and misconduct involving weapons in the fourth degree.

According to The Washington Post, Sarah Palin made a statement about her son’s mental state after he returned from his deployment in Iraq. At a campaign event for President Donald Trump last January, Palin suggested that her son has changed since coming home from Iraq and is suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD).

In the speech, Palin called Track’s arrest “the elephant in the room”:

“Let me get a little bit personal on this. Our wounded warriors who come home from the battlefield bringing new battles with them. Our wounded warriors, sometimes in body and in mind, coming back different than when they left for the war zone. I can talk personally about this… My son, like so many others — they come back a bit different. They come back hardened.”

In his 2016 arrest, Track’s first two charges were dismissed, but he pleaded guilty to misconduct involving weapons — including “possessing a weapon while intoxicated.”

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