Sarah Michelle Gellar received backlash for an Instagram story about spending a special day out with her son, Rocky. Mic posted an article about the excursion on Facebook, which elicited a variety of comments either attacking or defending Gellar for taking her son for manicures.

Gellar originally posted photos of Gellar and Rocky sporting matching dark nails at a salon.

Sarah Michelle Gellar/Instagram

And the comments ranged from accusing Gellar of “imposing gender norms” to “child abuse”:

However, some felt that taking her son for manicures is not a big deal.

Sarah Michelle Gellar/Instagram

Some believe that Gellar wasn’t trying to impose gender norms on her son or trying to make a statement. They just believe that taking Rocky with her to get their nails done was how she chose to bond with her son:

Sarah Michelle Gellar/Instagram

Judging by Gellar’s Instagram story, it seems like they just enjoyed their day together and she wanted to share it with her followers.

Perhaps Facebook user Erick Brent Francisco put it best when he wrote, “the child of vampire slayer can do whatever he wants to do.”

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