Samantha Ponder is the current host of “Sunday NFL Countdown” on ESPN. Every Sunday, from 10 a.m. to 1 p.m., sports fans can watch Ponder — along with her band of football gurus — discuss the upcoming games and all that happened during the week leading up to their show.

This is Ponder’s first year as the host of “Countdown.” She replaced legendary broadcaster Chris Berman, who hosted the program for the past 31 years.

Earlier this week, ESPN announced that it would be partnering with online sports company Barstool Sports. Those who work at Barstool are often loud and opinionated when it comes to the world of sports and pop culture.

The company has allegedly failed to show respect for women, specifically women who work in sports.

Take Ponder, for example. On Barstool’s official website, there are articles with unsavory comments directed toward the 31-year-old mom of two. Here’s one example:

Pam Oliver is the one person in the world who can say chicks like Erin Andrews and Sam Ponder only have their jobs because they’re hot and get away with it. Everyone with a brain between their ears knows that it’s true, but if they were to say it, it’s automatically sexist. Because apparently things that are just, ya know, facts can be sexist.

And another:

Editors Note – I know Feits blogged this already. But I wrote it up too because I’m fired the f**k up. F**K SAM PONDER THAT BIBLE THUMPING FREAK

So it’s official. Sam Ponder is an idiot. I mean this tweet from her is not only infuriating but mindbogglingly stupid. Hey Sam you really can’t see the difference between saying a chick is hot and beating the f**k out of a woman? You don’t see the difference? Like guys can’t look at girls in bikinis or talk about sex without thinking it’s okay to knock them unconscious? Please tell me you’re not this dumb. Seriously you sound like a KO Barstool freak, not a chick that has a job where the #1 requirement is you make men hard. So give it a rest with your righteous indignation. Your entire career and livelihood is based on appealing to guys like me and blogs like ours. Bottomline is guys thinking chicks are hot is natural. It’s Darwinism. It’s never gonna change. But that doesn’t mean we don’t respect women and think it’s okay to hit a woman. I have no idea what’s so confusing about that. Go f**k yourself.

And here’s a Barstool podcast where site founder Dave Portnoy and contributor Dan Katz called Ponder out on all the things they don’t like about her, including her daughter:

Ponder has been an employee of ESPN since 2011. She was unhappy to learn that ESPN was partnering with Barstool, the very website that has openly admitted to hating her.

She sarcastically welcomed the specific Barstool employee who will be hosting a show on ESPN2, via Twitter:

Katz, also known as “Barstool Big Cat,” didn’t write the article passage she specifically pointed out, however, Ponder didn’t find him completely without fault:

Ponder said it is her duty to use her platform to speak up for women everywhere. She wrote:

Don’t feel sorry for me. I have a voice. And even though it can be scary to use it sometimes, (as all my Direct Messages right now confirm) if those of us who have a platform don’t use ours, those without one may not use theirs either.

And as you may have guessed, Barstool didn’t appreciate Ponder attempting to “sabotage” their newest partnership.

The following passage was written in a Barstool article yesterday:

To quote my good friend Jake Paul….It’s every damn day bro. Another day and another controversy. This time Sam Ponder is in our a**holes because she’s mad about our show on ESPN 2. The whispers are that a few ESPN employees felt they deserved a show before us and she is doing her best to get it cancelled before it begins. Just a bananas move for employees of the company we just partnered with to try to sabotage their own product but I guess that’s the difference between us and them and why we may be so successful. Barstool is like a family and we all row together with a common goal. Clearly ESPN employees don’t care about putting their executives in horrific unwinnable situations.

Well let me start by saying even though I hate Sam Ponder I do respect a good grudge and apparently she was holding onto this one from three years ago just waiting for the exact right moment to explode on us. She has every right to be mad at us. Hell if somebody talked shit about me I’d probably hate them too. She picked last night as her moment.

They even dug up a few tweets Ponder curated years ago.

She responded with a series of tweets of her own:

The man who made many of the comments about Ponder on Barstool, known as “El Presidente,” is adamant about not stepping down from his role within the company.

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