Last year, “Duck Dynasty” princess Sadie Robertson began her “Live Original” tour, where she visited different states all over the country preaching Jesus’s word.

The former reality TV star described her tour as an opportunity for her relationship with her fans to go beyond the screen by meeting with them in person and connecting with them “on a heart level.” She said:

“You see, this is something you can’t get on the screen, this is something you can’t get in a YouTube video, or even from TV because I don’t have enough time to share what my real life is and what I’m really passionate about. This is it, all wrapped up in one night.”

Robertson is also passionate about music and plans to incorporate a musical element into the second leg of her “Live Original” tour, which is set to begin in Huntsville, Alabama, on October 19.

The 20-year-old shared this video of her singing “Just Be You” with Christian rock band Anthem Lights:


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