russell wilson buys mom home

After signing one of the largest contracts in the NFL, quarterback for the Seattle Seahawk Russell Wilson gave his mom the surprise of a lifetime on Mother’s Day.

In a series of videos posted to Instagram, Wilson, along with his daughter and wife, Ciara, surprised his mom, Tammy, will a brand new home.

The first video begins with Tammy unsuspectingly walking up to a house. But before she can get up the steps, Wilson handed her a key.

Confused, she asked:

“What’s this?”

Wilson nonchalantly replies:

“To the house. Keys to the house. It’s the keys to your house. It’s your house, open the door.”

Once Tammy starts to actually believe her son bought her a brand new home, she loses her mind with excitement.

In fact, she was so excited, Tammy joked: “I almost peed myself.”

Wilson wrote on Instagram:

All these years you have never asked me for anything… only thing you ever wanted is for me to LOVE. Well thanks for loving us the way you do. This ones for you. I love you momma. #HappyMothersDay #GodIsGood

His teammates, fellow athletes, and fans all applauded Wilson for taking care of his mom in such a big way.

Some said:

Man that’s beautiful bro! Nothin like making momma happy!

Absolutely beautiful! Russ your Mother has to be so proud that you put the morals and values that she and your Dad taught you into action and became not only a great man of honor, respect, and character but most of all a man that loves God.

That big paycheck paying off


So beautiful.. a very thoughtful and rewarding gift for Mama Tammy. Happy Mother’s Day!

Beautiful beautiful beautiful that’s all I can say. Happy Mother’s Day mom, Your earthly pleasures are pure and God directed. Congrats!

So sweet.

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