Homeowners were faced with a tough decision on how to transform an unfinished room in the basement of their home, so they took to Reddit to gain insight on what they should do.

It’s an empty room that has no windows and “no ceiling.” They further explain the condition of the room:

Our house has four bedrooms, plus this one bedroom that can’t legally be called a bedroom because it doesn’t have a window. The previous owners have basic walls up but no ceiling, it has plugs put into it, and a cut out in the wall that looks like it was meant to be a closet, they rolled out what looks like the remainder of the roll of their sticky lino flooring in the room, but otherwise it’s untouched.

They mentioned that the previous homeowners had plans to turn the room into an office space, however, they did not want an office with no natural light. 

Many commenters on Reddit suggested options to accommodate a “windowless” room:

Anything you would do with a bonus room where a window is unnecessary. Sewing room, home gym, storage, workshop, gaming room, etc. If you or your SO has a hobby that would benefit from dedicated space, basically.

Mini home theater? Projector to the triple panel wall, speakers mounted on the side panels and back corners. No annoying natural light to ruin the experience.

One commenter had another option:

Check to see what making it a legal bedroom would cost, and how much value that would add to your home. If it’s worth it then I say go for it.

Dearly explored more creative options on Twitter and Instagram for the homeowners.

Even though natural light may not be an option, an office space can work by adding a white light and a shelf for work papers and books. 

Many people use extra rooms and basements as game rooms. This fun idea allows homeowners to host friends and family right at home. 

With the purchase of a projector and a cozy couch, their unfinished room can transform into a home theater. 

These innovative ideas may give the homeowners a comfortable finish— even though there are no windows! 

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