Audrey and Jeremy Roloff might have thought nothing about posting a photo of their daughter Ember in nothing but a diaper, red cowboy boots, and a bow on her head while sitting on Jeremy’s shoulders:


If this photo doesn’t make your day I don’t know what will ?#emberjean

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Along with the photo, Audrey wrote:

If this photo doesn’t make your day I don’t know what will.

And while most of their followers appreciated the cuteness of the father-daughter photo, others thought Audrey should refrain from posting such pictures for her nearly 800,000 followers.

Commenters wrote:

This child will be running around naked all her life uf you dont start putting clothes on her! She will ripping them off

Just my thought. Poor girl might be cold while dad is wearing long shirt and long trousers!

Cute photo, but I would have never put my daughter’s pictures on social media without a top. To many weirdos now a days. You gotta be afraid.

Sexual predators they are there belive it or not times are not what they used to be

I love you guys, and your daughter is adorable, but you post a lot of questionable pictures. Love her Cow Girl boots though.

Why is he fully clothed with long sleeves and she’s almost naked?

Why is she always naked?

Pedophiles use pics like this and Photoshop them. Be careful and keep clothes on her for public media.

However, others retaliated by saying Audrey and Jeremy shouldn’t stop posting cute pictures of their first child just because there are “sick people” in the world:

You can’t live your life trying to hide from sick people. She’s a Baby for God sakes, there are billions of photos online of naked babies.

Some commenters on Facebook suggested saving those photos for their family and friends, rather than their many followers:

We don’t post pictures of the kids, we now share with family and friends on the cloud sharing.

Was just commenting to my wife about that very thing yesterday. Don’t think it is very wise with the predators we have on line these days.

Parents should be more cautious of who can access their profiles. All friends should be people you know personally and trust with photos posted and only friends should be able to see photos.

Yes because even if you personally know everyone of your Facebook friends there is still that possibility that their account gets hacked and some sicko with pic of your child.

Audrey and Jeremy Roloff have not responded to the criticism.

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